In Altered Carbon: Fightdrome. players take on the role of two competitors fighting it out to determine which of them is superior. Players agree beforehand if they will play a single bout where they each try to be the last player holding cards, or several bouts where the first player to reach an agreed number of fame points is declared the winner.

Attack Cards

21x Punch Cards

21x Kick Cards

21x Grapple Cards

Block Cards

9x Punch Block Cards

9x Kick Block Cards

Neurochem Cards

3x Neurochem Punch

3x Neurochem Kick

3x Neurochem Grapple

3x Neurochem Block

Evasion Cards

4x Weave Cards

4x Feint Cards

Special Cards

8x Sleeve Cards

11x Stacks Cards

Other Cards

2x Reference Cards