Meet The Designers
Chris Pond
Chris Pond - Game Director

Chris is the Ringmaster. On any given day he can be found wearing a number of different hats, ensuring that the spinning plates of multiple studio projects do not fall and break. Turning his hand to all aspects of Game Development and Design, Chris’ fingers are found in every pie. Chris is a gamer through and through and when he’s not creating games he’s playing them; wargames, RPG’s, board games, you name it, he’s probably played it or is up for playing it. Chris is a keen cyclist and listens to Audiobooks on the go and occasionally we (reluctantly) let him go home to see his family.

Jim Radford
Jim Radford - Game Designer

Tucked away in a darkened corner of the studio, you will usually find Jim accompanied by the sound of rolling dice, riffled cards and the eager scratching of pencils. Since joining Warcradle, Jim has worked on several announced (and a few unannounced) projects offering his ideas and insights gained over his many years as a gamer. When not game designing, Jim loves spending time with his wife and kids, playing games and wrestling tigers - he has also been known to tell the odd white lie.

Roberto Cirillo
Roberto Cirillo - Art Director

Currently clocking in at just over 28 years of video game and tabletop miniature art & design development, Roberto may be professionally defined as a middle-aged ArT-Rex of the games industry (although he prefers to be called a Veteran!). It’s never hard to find Roberto in the studio whenever he starts hunting for new ‘prey’ (or projects as we call them) to chew on! Since joining Warcradle, Roberto’s artistic guidance and art production has helped support and develop a number of both published and unpublished exciting products...ROAAAARRR!!

Jon Cartwright
Jon Cartwright - Graphic Designer

Fueled by strong coffee and fast music, Jon proudly leads the graphic design team for Warcradle Studios. Influenced by the vibrant art styles of the late 80s/early 90s, Jon is always eager to see if he can squeeze in a nod to his favourite toys and cartoons. At home, Jon will usually be found gaming or singing to his greyhounds (they love it).

James Ginn
James Ginn - Graphic Designer

Cradling instant noodles garnished with crisps (totally acceptable) and binging bizarre podcasts he's unable to describe. James is a proud member of the Graphic Design team and illustrator for the Warcradle Studio. James takes great pleasure in bringing his exciting art style to each project that we throw at him. When he is not hunched over a computer, James is a dungeon master pretending to be a goblin or painting.

Michael Watson
Michael Watson - Graphic Designer

Only recently pressganged into the Studio, Michael has a long history of Graphic Design contributions within the tabletop games industry. As well as designing this awesome website, he is also responsible for the site design of several other new Warcradle products, coming soon to a screen near you! When he is not nerding out on game lore or adding to his shameful stack of unpainted miniatures, Michael can often be found digitally painting or sharpening his bass playing skills.

Warcradle Studios

Warcradle Studios publishes games set within the Dystopian Age, including Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars & Armoured Clash. Recently, we have also been undertaking new projects based on exciting new ideas such as Mythos, as well as bringing well-known franchises to life.

Using cutting edge design technology and an incredible team of dedicated gamers, we bring the tabletop to life in spectacular fashion.

As well as a powerhouse of a creative studio, we have the pleasure of distributing some of the best tabletop games in the industry to retailers all over the world with Warcradle Distribution.

Manufacturers of a wide range of tabletop games - including miniatures, board games, card games, tabletop tools, accessories, paint, and more - can benefit by having large amounts of stock available to a worldwide market; with a passionate sales team behind their brand. Supporting retail stores, and providing fast and excellent service.

Our state of the art warehouse and order management technology ensures retailers stock arrives on time and in full. We are here for you every step of the way, if you have any problems you can contact one of our dedicated sales team who will help you with any questions you may have.