When does a round end?

In a single bout, a round ends as soon as one player has no more cards in their hand. They have been beaten to a pulp, their sleeve is no longer viable. However, when playing multiple rounds, the winning player adds up the total value of all the cards remaining in their hand, this becomes their Fame score - the first to 300 wins.

Can I respond to a Punch with a Punch or just a Punch Block?

Can you hit somebody that just hit? Of course! What kind of fight would it be if the contestants didn’t launch into a bloody slug-fest at every given opportunity? Remember though, the Punch (or Grapple) that you respond with has to be of an equal or higher Strength value.

When you play a Feint card, do you pick up one or two cards (1 when playing the Feint and 1 after the attack)?

Playing a Feint card is a great way to turn the fight to your advantage. You will get to draw two cards. The first card you draw after you play your Feint, the second card is drawn after you play your follow-up Attack (this also could be the card you just drew if it turns out to be better than ones you were already holding).

Is it possible to use a second copy of Altered Carbon: Panama Rose and have a 4 player brawl?

Whilst we could never be accused of discouraging violence, a 4-way brawl may be just too much mayhem! We would advise ganging up with a team-mate and on taking your opponents in a mighty 2-v-2 bout. However, if you must compete in a 4-way, we won’t stand in your way!